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Sometimes Illness Heartbreak Swoops Out of Nowhere

Sometimes it just hits me: Lyme is going to be a part of the rest of my life. It will always be there; looming in the background (or foreground depending on the cycle) and weighing in on every decision that I make. I know that everyone has their background that they have to overcome but sometimes it… Continue reading Sometimes Illness Heartbreak Swoops Out of Nowhere

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People Who I “Used to Know”

Over the years, my friend/support group has slowly dwindled down to a few people. At times, I feel like I don't even know how to be a good friend and the relationships that I do have make me very anxious because I don't feel like I am 'doing it right.' Recently, someone whom I used… Continue reading People Who I “Used to Know”

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“What If” — Love It or Hate It

Spring is finally here! Days of warmer weather and sun are more predominant. Flowers are blooming, grass is growing. My window is open and a soft breeze is playing with the curtains. The air is clean and people are getting ready for summer - making plans: jobs, vacations, etc. Although I am incredibly grateful for… Continue reading “What If” — Love It or Hate It