Lyme Disease

“Hey, Me Too!”

Chronic illness makes for lonely times in a person's life. For me, I feel like I am socially isolated and no longer 'fit" into this world and the 'norms'. This isolation and loneliness can be a huge burden to carry at times and it just adds to the exhaustion. For chronic illness sufferers, the aches… Continue reading “Hey, Me Too!”

Lyme Disease

Sometimes Illness Heartbreak Swoops Out of Nowhere

Sometimes it just hits me: Lyme is going to be a part of the rest of my life. It will always be there; looming in the background (or foreground depending on the cycle) and weighing in on every decision that I make. I know that everyone has their background that they have to overcome but sometimes it… Continue reading Sometimes Illness Heartbreak Swoops Out of Nowhere

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“What If” — Love It or Hate It

Spring is finally here! Days of warmer weather and sun are more predominant. Flowers are blooming, grass is growing. My window is open and a soft breeze is playing with the curtains. The air is clean and people are getting ready for summer - making plans: jobs, vacations, etc. Although I am incredibly grateful for… Continue reading “What If” — Love It or Hate It